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Still Not Convinced? Don't Take My Word For It.

I love these candles soo much! This tiny jar packs a punch, with scents strong enough to fill the entire room, long lasting burn time, and the fact that each order supports a charity of your choice....this is a purchase I never feel guilty about!! Can’t wait to order more!!!

D'Ana Smith

I love the way amber noir makes my space smell! It sets a sexy tone and i’m here for it! Perfect for my end of day wind down. It also lasts for so long! I can’t recommend it enough. Purchasing these candles just make me feel good because 1. I’m bout to have a lit vibe in my space and 2. I know that proceeds go to an org of my choice! While everyday I try to do something to fight injustice, this is also a small participation in the revolution - one flame at a time!

Chloe Jordache

I absolutely loved my candle!! It smelled INCREDIBLE and has lasted such a long time. Plus, I'm so happy with the proceeds going to a worthy cause of my choosing. I'd recommend to anyone, such a treat.

Kayla Uribe

It's just such a cute, great smelling, candle. The Amber Noir scent is my personal favorite! I also love that everytime I light my candle, I'm reminded of the difference I've helped make - no matter how small. Honestly, I can't recommend these candles enough.

Michael Reyes

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